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Bently is one of the finest, most luxurious car on the market in 2021, and comes with a level of status and prestige that can't be beaten. Their high prices make the inaccessible for many people who are looking to purchase one. But when you choose to lease a brand new Bentley the benefits are tremendous. You can save on sales tax, payments, and even pay a much smaller down payment. In fact, many of our customers qualify for zero down payment.

For 2021 you can expect to find the models:

  • Brand new Flying Spur
  • Bentayga
  • Continental GT
  • Mulsanne

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Bentley Lease FAQ:

Can I lease a 2021 Bentley with no down payment?

Yes, Absolutely,  Every new 2021 Bentley model can be leased with $0 down payment and with affordable monthly lease payments.

What is the cheapest Bentley to lease in Philadelphia?

At VIP Auto Lease in Pennsylvania, we offer the new 2021 Bently Bentayga, their first and foremost luxury SUV produced by Bentley with 443 HP, It can be leased for as low as $2,521.00 per month.

What are the benefits of leasing a new Bentley?

Bentley and other vehicles that hold their value for many years are some of the best vehicles to lease since the lease price is determined by the residual value.

How many miles can you drive on a leased Bentley?

8,000 miles per year is the standard annual mileage limit for a Bentley, Customers that require more are able to pay extra for more miles.

What options do I have at the end of a Bentley lease?

Although many customers return their Bentley at the end of the lease period, you are also able to extend the lease for additional time or to purchase the Bentley.

How often should my 2021 Bentley have the oil changed?

Bentleys need to have their oil changed and the car serviced at least once a year or every 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. Oil changes need to be done by a certified mechanic for the health of the vehicle.

Do Bentleys require synthetic oil?

Since synthetic oil allows for better and longer-lasting lubrication, it is the only oil that should be used in a Bentley

What safety technology is included in a 2021 Bentley?

Bentley’s come with some of the newest safety tech like:

  • Automatic Cruise Control
  • Blind Spot Assist
  • Park Assist
  • Lane Assist
  • Traffic Assist

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