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A brand that delivers every promise is hard to find but the BMW is one such manufacturer. Maybe it because they keep the edge with all areas of engine development. Did you know that they designed the engine that went into Nelson Piques Formula One winning machine?  BMW also once held the world record for the fastest motorbike which could reach speeds of over 170 mph. Whatever BMW attach their distinctive blue and white logo to you know you are going to get a top-quality product. The aerodynamics are second to none. Don’t believe me? Well, all you need to do is visit Philadelphia’s top leasing expert and discuss which car will best suit your needs.

Which BMW Model Should I Lease?

X3-A Compact Car The Causes Envy.

One in every three cars that leaves a BMW showroom these days is an X. Just because these crossovers sell in such big numbers, it’s obvious that the engineers and designers put their heart and soul into designing them. The X3 is a bigger model than its predecessor but is 55kg lighter thanks to improved materials inside the cockpit and engine. The six-cylinder versions of those engines will give the chassis a proper work-out. It is a little noisy but then it can go from 0-62mph in 5.8 seconds. You are seated with a reasonably high commanding view of the road ahead and the cabin design has some striking lines and lovely finishes. The sat nav-communication system is traffic aware, and easily operated for drivers ease.

X5 -A Family-Friendly SUV Or High-End Harmony ?

The latest BMW X5 is upon us bigger, better, brig.hter and bolder than before-if that is possible. its much calmer inside, the drive more hushed and feels even smoother. The upscaled seats are more ergonomic which means there is more space and flexibility. There’s a seven-seat version which is even more of a viable family-focused people carrier. The 4.4-liter turbocharged 8-cylinder engine delivers a staggering 456 hp, 479 lb-ft and the  8-speed automatic transmission keeps the ride smooth and safe. The eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox is ever-smooth and changes happen seamlessly and effortlessly Inside the cockpit, there are technological marvels housed in an easy to use interface on a beautiful dashboard.

X7-The Chaufeuuers Choice.

Drive the X7 BMW and you will get noticed that’s for sure. This car is also about luxury from the seating to the chassis. This large truck-sized vehicle is surprisingly nifty and comfortable. This speedy vehicle swallows distance with its quiet plush ride, huge seating space, and a lofty vantage point makes the experience unforgettable. It bends, swerves and can feel like its floating rolling surprisingly little and holding onto the road through but as soon as you put the chassis into auto or sport modes your passengers won’t get sick as the ride really is very good, outperforming many saloons.

With so many beautiful models to choose from you have to discuss this with an experienced local lease dealer. Luckily there is one right here in the heart of Philadelphia. Leasing a high-end car like a BMW is a huge undertaking but our experts are here to guide you. When you choose a BMW you get all the quality you pay for.

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