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VIP Auto Lease of Pennsylvania now how in stock the brand new 2021 Cadillac lineup. Located just outside of Philadelphia is our local office but you can lease ANY Cadillac online. With some of the most luxurious cars and SUVs Cadillac has always put quality first. In 2021 you can drive a new Cadillac for less than you might think. Get an instant quote today to find out how little your lease payment will be,

The Cadilac has been used by gangsters and Presidents alike. President Franklin D. Roosevelt borrowed Al Capone's impounded 1928 Cadillac sedan so he could go and deliver his “Day of Infamy” speech to Congress before Pearl Harbour. He needed something bulletproof and I am sure Mr Capone didn't mind. In fact, Paramount Pictures bought his favourite getaway car, complete with bullet holes. This can be seen driving in many gangland classics. Obviously, you will not be able to lease one of these models but if you contact a lease dealer in Philadelphia you will be able to make discuss which one suits your needs.


This large SUV has curb appeal- the  Escalade really looks fine. Its has a huge presence sitting in a crowded parking lot Its height, sharp lines and impressive grille certainly make their mark. Cadillac has built an eye-catching version with a longer-wheelbase sitting on 22" 7-spoke premium painted wheels with chrome inserts.  But, as someone wise used to say, looks aren't everything. But this time the beauty is a robust V8 engine on the inside. Every Escalade has a magnetically controlled adaptive suspension, providing excellent road handling and a fairly smooth ride.


What testers liked with the XT5 is that it packs one of the biggest cargo areas in its class. It has a serenely quiet cabin during the smooth ride.  The most notable upgrades are safety features all models now include forward-collision warning, low-speed automatic emergency braking and lane-keeping assist. On the outside, there's the shield-like grille and bewitching LED running lights. Inside its mix of shapes, colors and textures are much more striking and comfortable than those cabins of its competitors. If you want a  compact Cadillac, the XT5 will not disappoint.


The Cadillac XT4  is the long-awaited new entry point into Cadillac's  SUV lineup. It's distinctly sized, lovely and compact and distinctly designed with rear passenger comfort in mind. It's a round town car great for taking your friends out for fun or the family to places we need to go.  Either way, all passengers should be really impressed by the amount of tech available.  In every XT4  you will find either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, four USB ports (including a new type C ) and Cadillac's very own 8-in touchscreen. As a  driving experience, you will enjoy the XT4's comfortable and composed ride from its smooth and refined turbocharged engine.


The Cadillac CT6 has had a major overhaul. With the impending arrival of the new CT6-V high-performance model customers are excited to see what it has in store.   Cadillac has a new Sport trim option as well as the entry-level Premium Luxury trim and the Platinum trim. Drivers like the CT6's sharp handling, technology and generous interior space you get for the money.

Well, people of Philadelphia you now have some idea of which model you might like to test drive. when you visit your local Cadillac lease dealer you will not be disappointed. The advantage of leasing cars is clear.  There are multiple reasons to choose a Cadillac though, most notably its engineering lives up to its slogan, "Standard of the World".

Cadillac Lease FAQ:

Are there zero down payment Cadillac leases in Pennsylvania?

Yes, you can lease a brand new 2021 Cadillacwith zero down payment at VIP Auto Lease of Pennsylvania.

Which Cadillac is the cheapest to lease in Pennsylvania?

The 2021 Cadillac XT4 is a luxurious compact crossover SUV that can get close to 30 MPG on the highway. It can be leased for as low as $470.00 per month, making it one of the cheapest in the 2021 lineup.

Are Cadillacs a safe vehicle?

The NHTSA has rated many of the Cadillac models as 4 star and the XT SUVs with a 5 star crash rating. This is based on the overall crash tests from the front, side, and rollover tests.

When I lease a Cadillac, which oil should I use?

Synthetic or synthetic blend oils are the best to use in Cadillacs for optimal efficiency and performance. Dexos Oil is used in the factory and recommended for continued use.

Are Cadillacs good cars?

Cadillacs have a reputation for strong durable cars with top-notch luxury.  They include extra service features like Roadside Assistance and OnStar while having a touch screen that can be integrated with any phone.

What kind of fuel should I use in my Cadillac?

Cadillacs should use the 89 or 93 octane fuel (plus or premium) or as required in the user manual for the specific model. Some can even run on FlexFuel, a type of ethanol.

What is the most fuel-efficient Cadillac?

The CT6 car is the most fuel-efficient of the standard lineup for lease in 2021.

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