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Chrysler Lease FAQ:

What is the cheapest Chrysler to lease in Philadelphia?

VIP Auto Lease in Philadelphia has the new Chrysler Pacifica, a minivan that seats up to 7 people, and that gets about 19 MPG. At only $308.00 per month is one of the cheapest Chryslers to lease.

What are the benefits of leasing a Chrysler?

Getting the car you want for the lowest possible out-of-pocket expense is the biggest benefit of leasing a Chrysler from VIP Auto.

How many miles can you drive on a Chrysler lease?

When you lease a Chrysler in PA you can choose how many miles you can drive per year before being charged the over mileage fee. The limit influences the monthly lease price.

How long can I lease a Chrysler for?

The most standard lease period at VIP Auto in Philly is between 12-36 months.

Are Chrysler’s safe vehicles?

Multiple Chrysler vehicles like the Pacifica, Voyager, and 300 have received the highest safety ratings for overall, frontal & side crash ratings based on the NHTSA safety tests.

Is it possible to lease a Chrysler with $0 down?

We have the largest number of $0 lease deals in Philadelphia, allowing you to lease a Chrysler without putting any money down.

How often should I change the oil on my leased Chrysler?

Chrysler recommends changing the oil every 7000-10,000 miles when using synthetic oil (or at least once a year). If depending on the quality and type of oil, this can be more often.

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