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Say hello to the new 2021 Dodge models that are now available to lease in Pennsylvania. VIP Auto Lease located just outside of Philly has the largest selection of 2021 Dodge cars and SUVs in the area.

Don't live nearby?

No problem, you can complete the entire car lease process online.

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We provide instant quotes online or by phone.

Leasing a new car has never been easier and with the lowest prices in the area, what's holding you back?


Dodge Lease FAQ:

Are there zero down payment Dodge leases in Pennsylvania?

Yes, you can lease a brand new 2021 Dodge with zero down payment at VIP Auto Lease of Pennsylvania.

Which Dodge is the cheapest to lease in Pennsylvania?

The 2021 Dodge Durango 4WD SUV SXT is a full size SUV that can get almost 20 MPG in the city and is fully loaded with features for as low as $334.00 per month.

Which oil is recommended when you lease a Dodge?

Dodge recommends synthetic or synthetic blend oils for their new vehicles. By using a high quality synthetic oil you not only increase the mileage between changes but also increase the efficiency of your engine.

How often should A leased Dodge be serviced?

The basic servicing including a tire rotation, oil and air filters, and oil should be every 7k-9k or once a year.

Which sports cars can I lease in at VIP Auto of PA?

The Dodge Challenger and the Dodge Charger are both two high performance, supercharged vehicles that have upgraded tires, transmission, engines, and suspension.

How many miles can I Drive my lease per year?

The mileage allotment depends on the lease terms agreed upon. They typically vary between 8k-12k per year and help to determine the monthly lease price.

Does Dodge make safe cars?

Yes! The Charger, Durango, Journey, Grand Caravan and more all received either 4 or 5 star crash safety ratings placing them all above average or better. Additionally, most models come with safety sensors like collision warning, parking assistant (including rear parking camera) and lane departure warnings.

Is the Dodge infotainment system easy to use?

Dodge vehicles come with Uconnect, and your phone can easily link to the touch screen display no matter to make or model.

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