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Kia FAQ:

What is the cheapest Kia to lease in Pennsylvania?

The 2020 KIA Forte Sedan is one of the most popular 5 seater compact car that is extremely affordable at only $180.57 per month at VIP Auto Lease.

Is Kia a good car to lease?

When you lease a Kia you can often get very favorable monthly payments and down payments.  

How much is charged for extra miles on a Kia lease?

When you lease a Kia the contract will contain a maximum amount of miles that can be driven per year. Any mile over this limit will result in a fee that can vary but is usually around .20 cents.

What options do I have when I complete my lease in PA?

VIP Auto Lease of Pennsylvania provides for 3 end of lease options:

  1. Return the Kia
  2. Extend your Kia lease
  3. Purchase the same Kia for a discounted price.

How often should my tires be rotated when I lease a Kia?

In normal circumstances, your tires should be rotated at every oil change or every 7000 miles.

What oil should I use in a leased Kia?

Kia engines are able to run well on fully synthetic oil, blends, or petroleum-based oils. When using synthetic oils the time between oil changes can be longer.

Are Kia’s safe?

According to the NHTSA, the most popular Kias like the Sedona, Sorento, Optima, and others all have 5 star overall safety ratings.

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