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Lexus FAQ:

Which Lexus model is the cheapest to lease?

The 2020 LEXUS UX 200 is a luxurious high class SUV with an extremely smooth ride and can be leased for as low as $318.00.

Which fuel grade should I use for my leased Lexus vehicle?

Lexus recommends premium fuel for most of its 2020 lineup.

Are Lexus cars compatible with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto?

Yes, Lexus cars can be integrated with your phone using either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

When I lease a Lexus how often should I change the oil?

A leased Lexus should have its oil changed and serviced roughly every 10,000 miles or at least once a year. This will promote a cleaner and more efficient engine.

What is Lexus Roadside Assistance?

Roadside Assistance is an emergency service offered by Lexus that has services if your car won’t start, you need help changing a tire or if you run out of gas.

Who owns Lexus?

Lexus is owned by the Japanese Car Manufacturer Toyota.

Is it better to lease or buy a Lexus?

When you lease a Lexus the payments will be less because you only pay for the depreciated value of the car, and the sales tax will also be less. Buying is typically a better option for people that need to drive an unlimited amount of miles per year.

What is the Lexus Enform App Suite?

Enform Apps Suite allows you to link your phone to your Lexus infotainment system for a huge quantity of upgradeable features and applications.

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