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VIP Auto Lease Of Pennsylvania has in stock the largest selection of Mercedes cars and SUVs like the famous AMG series, A-Class, G Class, and more. Topped up with luxury both inside and out the 2021 Mercedes Lineup is nothing like you have ever seen before. With our flexible leasing terms, you can lease a brand new Mercedes with payments far less than if you were to buy one. We offer low mile and high miles leases for all customers, Apply today to get your lease estimate.


Mercedes is more than a brand. It is synonymous with luxury and life and vitality of its own.  The Mercedes part of the company was named for the daughter of Emil Jellinek,   a racing enthusiast who raced cars with Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft. Jellinek success was honored by continuing use of the name that he chose for his car. Benz’s wife Bertha played a role in the company. Actually, she was the one who financed it with her dowry, because she had been Benz’s business partner even before their marriage. There are so many models and to inform your decision I suggest you get down to your nearest Mercedes lease dealer in Philadelphia.

Which Mercedes Should I Lease?


The entry-level C-Class actually uses 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol. It doesn’t work alone, though, and comes wedded to some clever hybrid technology that contributes to a 182bhp total and 46mpg economy. This is coupled with some satnav-linked cruise control that will light the way for self-driving Mercedes saloons. There’s also ‘Energising Comfort’, which features massage seats, climate control, and ambient lighting to relax you behind the wheel. A perfect car for the busy commuter.


The E-class is beautifully grafted, technological masterpiece and yeas its bigger than the C-Class and smaller than the S-Class. It switches between cruise control and self-drive effortlessly. I  mean who doesn't want to drive this car? The intricate design of the dashboard joins two 12.3-inch screens for mindblowing in-car connectivity. The steering wheel also houses a pair of touch-sensitive pads, a new alternative to the central rotary controller. With the interfaces, graphics and overall quality, Mercedes has dramatically raised the bar with this car. How many cars can manage 149mph and reach 62mph in 7.3 seconds while emitting a mere 102g/km of CO2? You don't need to worry about safety as this car is packed with advanced features.


Undoubtedly best in its class. There’s a huge amount of semi-autonomous driving technology like Active Speed Limit Assist, Active Lane Change Assist and Remote Parking Assist in the S-Class. The standout feature of this car is a sort of active cruise control that, as well as sensing and maintaining the gaps to other cars on the road, it knows to slow you for roundabouts, corners, and tolls using GPS. It is great on the freeway. Naturally, this is a great ride to take control of yourself. Inside the technology and the trims merge seamlessly and climate control makes sure drivers and passengers are all comfortable.


This model owes can find its roots in the M-Class of 1997, the car that predated the luxury SUV. This is an all-wheel-drive and featuring a nine-speed automatic gearbox, for a smooth ride. It includes a 48-volt electric power bump to help reduce carbon emissions. This I am sure will be a standard feature of cars of the future. Despite the power in the engine, you will hear only the faintest of purrs as you cruise on the freeway. This car has so many features you will be a monarch behind the wheel.

So, Kings and Queens, I urge you to get down to your lease dealer in Philadelphia and discuss the Mercedes of your dreams. It is a brand that screams royalty and class and you may not be able to buy one so leasing is the only option.

Mercedes Lease FAQ:

Are there zero down payment Mercedes leases in Pennsylvania?

Yes, you can lease a brand new 2021 Mercedes with zero down payment at VIP Auto Lease of Pennsylvania.

Is it cheap to lease a Mercedes in VIP Auto of PA?

In Pennsylvania, VIP Auto offers some of the best lease deals on Mercedes like The 2021 Mercedes Benz A220 4Matic Sedan that can be leased for as low as $389.00 per month.

Is Mercedes-Benz a good car to lease?

Mercedes will hold their value for many years, therefore, making them excellent vehicles to lease. The monthly lease can be significantly less than the purchase price, and there are additional savings in sales tax.

What will affect my monthly payment when I lease a Mercedes?

A few common factors that can affect your monthly payment are:

  • Down payment
  • Mileage allowance
  • Credit score

Does a leased Mercedes need premium fuel?

91 octane or higher is always recommended for high-end vehicles like Mercedes. This allows the engine to perform as it was designed with peak efficiency.

How often should I have my Mercedes services?

Generally, every 10k miles or once a year your leased Mercedes should be looked at and services including things like the oil and fluids, filters, and brakes.

What happens when I finish my Mercedes lease contract?

At the end of a lease, most people either return or extend their lease. Another option that is usually available is to purchase the vehicle for a discounted price, which can be an excellent option.

What is the 2021 Mercedes-Benz lineup for SUVs?

Mercedes has 3 SUVs available for lease or purchase:

  • GLC
  • GLE
  • GLS

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