2022 Mercedes Benz S450 4Matic Sedan

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  • 2020 Mercedes Benz S450 Fore Sale In NYC
  • 2020 Mercedes Benz S450 Fore Sale In NYC

2021 Mercedes S Class Review

It isn’t very often you come across any make or model that scores as high as this entry does. It holds the crown of its class and boasts enough good critique to justify that rank. As far as classy, thoughtful, and well rounded vehicles go, there’s a reason Mercedes-Benz flagship has been turning so many heads.

The world class interior won’t just be captivating the attention of passers-by, it will make you not want to leave. With a classier and more extravagant cabin than some yachts what’s not to love?

Genuine full leather upholstery, quality wood interior working and a massive panoramic sunroof. A 12.3 inch infotainment interface screen, a 13-speaker Burmester surround audio system. Wireless charging, front and rear, and even the lavish option to upgrade a space in the rear cabin to a small refrigerator. The cabin in the S Class Mercedes-Benz makes an incredible statement, with its incredible interior.

For the class, it also boasts a strong fuel economy early return rate of 13-19 mpg in the city and 21-28 mpg on the highway. The four available powertrains range from a 362 horsepower twin-charged V6 to the powerful 621 horsepower model. These models offer a power and enthusiasm not very often scene in classes outside Sport.

That being said about engine capability, it should also be noted upon the smoothness and genteel ride quality that puts it head and shoulders above the class. Though it handles well for its size and class, it still is no sports car.

More treats come in the way of the S-classes intuitive and brilliant features. Namely being the all-new, Car-to-X communications system. Relaying all surrounding traffic conditions right there to you. This is coupled with a host of refined safety features. Earning it and above average for class General Reliability. Although no crash or rollover test results have been published by J.D. Power associates.

This much hi-tech quality and comfort though. A slightly above average for the class, and definitely above most in it’s family, the $91,000 starting base price is a hefty price indeed. It may be a strong consideration, and definitely worth a hard look, especially in performance and interior.

Overall the Mercedes-Benz 2021 class is a strong competitor with enough fine quality and performance-based positivity to entice many into a second look.

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Make: Mercedes
Year: 2022
Model: S450
Body Style: Sedan
Mileage: 7500
Transmission: 9-Speed Auto
Price: $1.00
Engine: 3.0L V6
MPG: City / Highway
Lease Term: 48 Months
MSRP: $105,235.00

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