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Mitsubishi FAQ:

What is the best Mitsubishi to lease in Pennsylvania?

The most popular Mitsubishi and also the lowest cost to lease is the  5 seater  2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport AWC which can get over 24 MPG in the city and can be leased for as low as $175.95. 

Which oil should I use in my leased Mitsubishi?

The best oil to use in a leased Mitsubishi is a synthetic based oil. Synthetic oils are recommended because they can operate at higher temperatures and can last longer than non synthetic oils. The owner’s manual will have specific information for which type of synthetic oil depending on the time of year.

What are the benefits of leasing a  Mitsubishi?

Mitsubishi can be an excellent vehicle to lease with some of the cheapest payments right here at VIP Auto Lease of Pennsylvania. We offer zero down payments, lower monthly payments, and flexible lease options to help our clients get the car of their dreams.

What comes with Mitsubishi Roadside Assistance?

The Roadside Assistance from Mitsubishi offers 24/7 assistance for flat tires, battery jump-start,  and emergency fuel delivery, 

How many miles can I drive on a Mitsubishi lease?

The mile allowance depends on your lease contract that is decided upon. Annual mileage usually ranges from 8k-12k and helps to determine the monthly lease payments. At the end of the lease term if the miles is above the total allowance there is a per-mile fee that is usually between .10 cents -.30 cents.

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