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Every new 2021 Range Rover model!

Looking to lease the most affordable 2021 Land Rover, Range Rover, Discovery Sport, or Velar? Then you have come to the right place. VIP Auto Lease of Pennsylvania has the newest Range Rover models stocked and ready to start the new year!

Leasing a high end luxury SUV has never been easier than in 2021! We help all our clients in the greater Philadelphia area and all of PA, to get the best lease deals.

We offer zero down 2021 Range Rover leases, Flexible miles, and excellent leasing terms!

Range Rover FAQ:

Can I lease a 2021 Range Rover with no down payment?

Yes, Absolutely,  Every new 2021 Range Rover model can be leased with $0 down payment and with affordable monthly lease payments.

What is the most popular Range Rover to lease in Pennsylvania?

The most popular Range Rover from VIP Auto Lease of Pennsylvania is the 2021 Range Rover Discovery Sport, a luxurious mid size SUV  available for as low as $499.47 per month.

Is a Range Rover a good vehicle to lease?

Because new Range Rovers are high end SUVs that hold their value, they are excellent vehicles to lease. The payments are sometimes significantly less than buying the same model. Sales tax will be less since you are only paying for the value of the vehicle during the lease, and also there are options for those with good credit to get a zero down lease. For people who enjoy driving newer vehicles a Range Rover lease can be an excellent option.

How often should I have the oil changed on my leased Range Rover?

To maximize the longevity, efficiency, and performance of your 2021 Range Rover the oil should be changed every 6k-8k miles.

Can I extend my Range Rover lease at the end of the contract?

Yes, Most leasing contracts include options to extend the lease for additional time. You can confirm this at the start of the lease and take the necessary steps before the lease actually ends. Many leases also have options to purchase the vehicle for a discounted price.

What safety features come on a new Range Rover?

New Range Rovers come equipped with the top safety technology like Emergency Braking. Lane Departure Warning. and Parking Aid.

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