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Leasing a 2021 Volvo has never been easier!

With the full lineup of brand new Volvo cars and SUVs now in Philadelphia, you can get the best leasing specials here at VIP Auto Lease of Pennsylvania.

We have the new:

2021 XC60

2021 XC90

2021 XC40

2021 S60

Also, be sure to check out the new Volvo XC40 Recharge the first electric compact SUV! What are you waiting for, you can lease your 2021 Volvo online with zero down payment.

Volvo FAQ:

Can I lease a 2021 Volvo with no down payment?

Yes, Absolutely,  Every new 2021 Volvo model can be leased with $0 down payment and with affordable monthly lease payments.

What is the cheapest Volvo to lease in Pennsylvania?

At VIP Auto lease of Pennsylvania, the cheapest Volvo available is the 2021 Volvo S60 Sedan that has an upscale luxurious engine and a very smooth and enjoyable ride, all for as low as $305.00 per month.

Should synthetic oil be used in my leased Volvo?

2021 Volvo engines are very versatile and are made to operate under different conditions. Synthetic oils can be used in the new Volvo engines, but they can also operate well with synthetic blend and regular petroleum based oils.

How often should a new Volvo be serviced?

Volvo recommends its vehicles should be serviced at least every 10,000 miles or once a year. This allows the leased car to remain in top shape, and operate at full efficiency.

Should I buy or lease a Volvo?

Leasing can be an excellent option with new Volvo cars if you want to have an option for zero down payment, lower monthly payments, and enjoy constantly driving a newer car. If you want a car where you can drive unlimited miles each year than buying can be a better option.

Does Volvo make safe cars?

Yes, Volvos are some of the safest cars on the road. The NHTSA has rated their 2021 lineup with a perfect overall safety rating and to top that off they come with an excellent monitoring technology from their own IntelliSafelike that includes blind spot monitoring and lane departure warnings.

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