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2021 Traverse lease

Chevrolet is known for some of its amazing 3-row SUVs, one of the newest ones, and now the most popular is the 2021 Chevy Traverse. With a sleek new design, 3 rows, and the newest Chevy driver assistance program the Traverse is one of the best SUVs to lease in 2021. In Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, it can be leased for less than $370 per month! For this series let’s doa review of the best features of the 2021 Traverse.


The Chevy Traverse is a 3 row midsize SUV. This makes it unique as it won't feel and react like a giant bus when you are driving it, but is very manageable all the way while seating 8 passengers.
The cargo space is well utilized with 23 cubic feet behind the third row. But the second and third-row can both completely fold down opening up 98.2 cubic feet in total cargo space. It also

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