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A new nameplate has been affiliated with 2023 Mazda's lineup in the form of the CX-50 SUV. The 2023 CX-50 SUV comes in a variety of trim levels, from fairly basic to ultra-luxury, but we recommend you should choose the Turbo model. The Mazda CX-50 is comfortable, spacious, and well-equipped, with an interior that looks better than any other model in this segment. It's fast and fun to drive. Here are detailed features found in the 2023 CX-50 SUV.

Engine, Transmission, & Performance

All models will come with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder, but the one to get is the more powerful turbocharged variant offering 256 hp; The non-turbocharged engine produces only 187 horsepower. A six-speed automatic transmission is standard, as is all-wheel drive, and Mazda engineered precise handling for the CX-50 so that it continues the company's tradition of delivering fun cars.

Fuel Economy

The most efficient CX-50 is the one with the four-cylinder engine. This

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