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While we didn’t expect much from a small entry-level crossover, the HR-V's high driving position and fantastic tech features left us in awe.

The Honda HR-V is one sub-compact crossover that every fan of small SUVs won’t mind having in their garage for 2022. Though its four-cylinder powertrain won’t excite your inner racer, it still provides enough power to hustle the small crossover for day-to-day hauling duties. Some characteristics of the HR-V that attracts buyers is its spacious, practical interior and class-leading cargo space. Since these attributes are not very common in the subcompact crossover segment, it makes the HR-V a popular choice in our 2022 Honda lease deals segment.

To help you make a seamless choice when leasing the 2022 Honda HR-V, let’s compare its mid-level trims.


The Sport trim is second on the HR-V’s lineup, and it comes with some fascinating sporty features which you'd rarely find in lower models of subcompact

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