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The two German cars are quite similar in many perspectives. Both of their engines and transmissions have proven to be very dependable.  In terms of electronics, they utilize the OE Supplier Bosch for all of the electronics, sensors, Body Control Units, ECUs, and computers.

The BMW car brands are a direct representative of luxury, elegance, and comfort in cars. It's no wonder that its place in the industry has lasted for over 100 years. This standard is visible in all its brands, the same high-quality image, luxury, and elegance. Volkswagen has proven to be an intelligent make over the years. It is synonymous with the superb build quality, reliability, and first-class design. When it comes to offering variety, few manufacturers can hold a candle to Volkswagen cars. The range covers literally every area of the market, and you'll find it hard to beat the brand's quality, variety, and style.

However, both car brands tend to

Well, there are many similarities between these German cars. Bavarian Motor Works or BMW was founded in 1916 from an inoperative aircraft engine factory while Volkswagen or The People’s Car, was founded some twenty years after. With their initials forged into a circle sitting proudly on their respective grilles, both companies produce some of the world's most popular cars.

The two companies compete directly with each other at some levels. VW also competes in a much wider range of the market from the modest end to the top of the range.  However, BMW is synonymous with luxury.

This is because of marketing and reputation.  BMW is the epitome of class, strength, and status while VW appeals to the masses.  Did You know BMW drivers have a poor reputation among other divers?  Well, a myth has been created that BMW drivers are road hogs.  BMW's choice of powerful motor driver means that they know they are

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