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Leasing a Jeep is like leasing a piece of Americana. They are such fun vehicles and have a really engaging history. For example, the very first Jeep was designed in just two days. Uncle Sam needed a lightweight four-wheel drive for the impending military activities in the 1940s. It was first shown to the public when it was driven up the steps of the capitol building. The driver announced the Jeep has arrived-Jeep being a truncation of the term general-purpose vehicle. The CJ or civilian jeep complete with a rear-mounted spare tire and the swinging tailgate was marketed for the farming and delivery communities became popular in a post-war booming America. They have been redesigned for the modern American’s needs. To discuss your needs I suggest you do so with a lease dealer in Philadelphia today.

Which Jeep Model Should I Lease?

Jeep Cherokee

The Cherokee version of Jeep was introduced in 1974, and the compact SUV brand name still lasts until today. Jeep has kept the look of this model current. the ride quality has improved around town, but once you’re out cruising at speed, the Cherokee settles down and easily copes with long drives down a motorway. thanks to the nine-speed auto, there’s not much engine noise at 70mph. Even though it is a more off-road focused car, it’s impressive how comfortable it is on-road. The nav is a touchscreen, but Jeep has kept a few buttons so at least the major controls are easy to work through. It’s easy to use like the brilliantly powerful seat ventilation settings. It comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard, so it’s got all the compatibility you could want.

 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee was introduced in 1993, to great success, as it became a popular vehicle in the luxury SUV set. This Jeep excels both off the road and on it, offering sublime highway handling and a multitude of options for adventuring off the beaten track. It is one of the best two-row SUV for families because it has one of the best ratios of cargo and passenger space, safety and reliability ratings, and available family-friendly features in its class.

Jeep Compass

As Jeep has been working on the 4X4  market for longer than any other company they are a force to be reckoned with and the design is their strong point. A modern take on the seven-slot grille makes the compact Compass a beautiful number. In terms of design, it has a strut-type rear suspension instead of the usual multi-link version so its off-road capabilities are beyond compare. Inside you will find an excellent infotainment system. UConnect has had a major workover and gets an 8.4-inch screen with nav and CarPlay/Auto. In terms of driving the 1.4-liter engine is complemented by the ZF nine-speed auto box and is less fretful than in other applications, shifting ratio only when it makes sense, usually doing it smoothly, and downshifting helpfully as you descend hills. Overall a good drive.

So if you are in the market to lease a Jeep you need to contact a lease dealership today. Negotiate great terms right here in Philadelphia. You will be driving a piece of American history that is on-trend both aesthetically and with its engineering capabilities.

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