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Jeep is one of America's most prominent automotive brand names. The brand has become synonymous to excellent off-road capacity, just as Hoover is to vacuuming or Xerox to photocopying if I may be so bold. There can only be a few people around the rest of the world that don’t know about this brand. With its origin been from World War II, when the US military needed an automobile that can traverse all terrains and weather all storms, the Jeep stood out as the ideal vehicle. In fact, its role during the Second World War cannot be overstated.

The end of the war saw the introduction of the civilian off-roading vehicles, with the grace of luxury. Over the years, many models have been top of the Jeep Lease deals in Philadelphia, PA, haven madea significant impact in the auto market.Notable among them are the Wrangler, Cherokee, Compass, and Grand Cherokee. These Jeep models are all

The US automaker has witnessed a constant rise in sales right after 2008. In 2016, over 900,000 vehicles were sold alone in America. This all-year party was soon short-lived (but not for long) as the sales hit a low of 828,522 units, which roughly represents an 11 percent downturn compared to the previous year. However, in 2018, the FCA brand had a 17 percent increase in sales, with a total of 2,235,204 units sold across all ranges in the US only. It is no surprise that the Jeep brand is the FCA's most selling brand, with significant input in the group’s total sales.

Of course, this outstanding sales can all have to the brand’s unmatched on and off-road capability, with a perfect mix of roomy interior and top of the class infotainment system and high-tech safety features. Notable models that havecontributed significantly to this enormous success is the Grand Cherokee, Compass, and Wrangler. Their continuous

It can be argued that the original Jeep Cherokee was the first machine to sell itself as a family-friendly platform, offering more than a handful of off-road capabilities. As we know, this segment now occupies a considerable share of sales in North America.

Today's Jeep Cherokee shares a lot with its 1983 ancestor. For 2020, a new design style remains true to the roots of Jeep, but it gives a feeling more upscale than ever. A wide selection of engines and trim levels ensures Jeep dealers that they have something to sell to everyone.

Ten years after the first Cherokee appeared, Jeep launched the Grand Cherokee in a thriving SUV market. This machine offered a spacious interior combined with a grunt off-road, a blend that proved to be a hit with customers. In 2020, the Grand Cherokee has the assets to attract a very varied clientele. Four different 4 × 4 systems, a variety of

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