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That is the new feature, it's defined by a letter. The letter M has been added to the range and this means "motorsport". The SUV X3 series BMW has all the extra features of racing car engineering and has now been seen as worthy of the M badge. This X3 will get your family to the shops in double time and in comfort. When you read about the features are being offered you will want to test drive a  BMW X3  as soon as your car lease dealer has one available.

Why Are Drivers So Enthusiastic About The New BMW X3 ?   A Quick Smooth Ride

To make sure the entire family is comfortable the X3's suspension has been redesigned as a" Motorsport" model. BMW have reinforced the chassis at many points to meet the trials of such a burly engine. This guarantees that the X3 M's handling capabilities cope with the increase in speed. 

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