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For as long as we can remember, it has always been BMW vs. Mercedes. The rivalry between these two next-door automakers has been so intense, and their respective fans make it look even more serious than it appears to be.

Comparing two mid-size SUVs from these German automakers makes perfect sense to help you make the right decision without sentiments.

The BMW X2 is a sporty mid-size crossover with all the traits of a typical BMW, while the GLA-Class is Mercedes Benz's entry-luxury mid-size crossover with virtually all the high-tech and luxury features you will find in higher Mercedes Benz models.

As the Germans battle for who has the best mid-size luxury crossover, buyers are getting a lot more confused. This comparison is tailored to assist you in making the right choice on which of these crossover SUVs is best for you.


For 2022, the Mercedes Benz GLA, which is currently in its second

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