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Big but agile with spirit-lifting powertrain options, impressive towing capabilities, and a fearsome design, the GMC Yukon gets a revered seat when the big boys come to party.

The 2022 GMC Yukon and its long wheelbase XL variant are full-size SUVs with zero problems when it comes to hauling people and their cargo together. With impressive driving dynamics, a spacious and practical interior, and an abundant supply of comfort and entertainment niceties, the Yukon is easily a top choice for Americans who visit our 2022 GMC lease deals segment.

The 2022 Yukon comes in four distinct flavors, and we've seen some of our esteemed customers struggle to narrow down their choices when leasing the 2022 GMC Yukon. This article will compare the two most popular Yukon models to help you make the right choice.


Everyone thinks all full-size American SUVs are natural off-roaders. While this assumption is not totally wrong, it is worth knowing

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