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Small sedans with all-wheel drive aren’t many, but the latest player, the 2022 Mazda3 with i-Activ AWD, certainly shakes up the field dominated by Impreza in the Subaru lineup. The Mazda 3’s optional AWD recently proved unflappable while driving through a dumping of fresh snow as well as slushy, mixed surfaces. Let's dive into the comparison of this Mazda Sedan lineup.

Mazda 3 vs. Mazda 3 AWD: Performance

The Mazda 3 transfers its power to the rear wheels, meaning the car drives like it has permanent AWD. As much as 50% percent can go to the rear wheels when called for, but even when it’s biased to the front, Mazda is sending a little torque to the rear differential to remove backlash that would otherwise create a delay or jerk during AWD engagement.

Unique to the Mazda3, Mazda does this through new gear ratios in the power takeoff unit (the unit connected to the transmission

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