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It can be argued that the original Jeep Cherokee was the first machine to sell itself as a family-friendly platform, offering more than a handful of off-road capabilities. As we know, this segment now occupies a considerable share of sales in North America.

Today's Jeep Cherokee shares a lot with its 1983 ancestor. For 2020, a new design style remains true to the roots of Jeep, but it gives a feeling more upscale than ever. A wide selection of engines and trim levels ensures Jeep dealers that they have something to sell to everyone.

Ten years after the first Cherokee appeared, Jeep launched the Grand Cherokee in a thriving SUV market. This machine offered a spacious interior combined with a grunt off-road, a blend that proved to be a hit with customers. In 2020, the Grand Cherokee has the assets to attract a very varied clientele. Four different 4 × 4 systems, a variety of

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