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Painstaking and cutting-edge Lexus engineering delivers a flawless driving experience. Lexus indulgence vehicles are designed to deliver drivers and passengers to their destination with ease, comfort, quiet and perfect performance. Lexus fleet machines are famed for their effectiveness and responsiveness. Lexus definitely checks all of the important boxes for a luxury SUV. Below are some SUVs in the Lexus garage for 2022.

  • Lexus LX570 AWD

The 2022 Lexus LX570 AWD is very luxurious, more energy effective, and really desirable. The LX is powered by a binary-turbocharged 3.4-liter V-6 machine that makes 409 power and 479 pound-bases of torque. On the road, the binary-turbo V-6 provides ample power as well as a refined nature suitable for a luxury application such as the LX. Outside, the new LX receives an ultramodern and luxurious makeover, with a wide center press between the frontal seats that creates a cozy cockpit terrain.

  • Lexus GX460
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