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The Cadillac Escalade has long served as the trademark’s flagship, its huge size and fierce aesthetics broadcasting its outgoing red-full-blooded American take on luxury. The 2023 Cadillac lineup produces the first V-series Escalade. It also rocks a sinister, bartered-out exterior appearance. The V model comes standard with all-wheel drive and sports six-piston Brembo version brakes with red-painted calipers. The Escalade’s air suspense has been returned to meliorate handling in the V model. Below are the features of the latest Cadillac Escalade.

Engine, Transmission, & Performance

Cadillac's biggest SUV is powered by a standard 6.2-liter V-8 engine that makes 420 power and can turn off half of its cylinders when cruising to save energy; a 3.0liter diesel inline-six is also accessible. A 10-speed automatic transmission is standard with both machines, and buyers can choose from hinder or each-wheel-drive setups. The variations to the SUV's suspense make it handle better than the standard SUV.

Fuel Frugality


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