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What Incentives Are There For Lease Deals

Incentives are used by the manufactures for a plethora of reasons. They do promote brand loyalty and they pique interest in a slower selling makes. Cash discounts off the vehicle or low APR interest rates for financing are enticing incentives when calculating the monthly repayments on a lease a car.

When shopping around for a new lease car, make sure that you compare the latest incentives being offered at dealerships in your area.  Remember that incentives and rebates can vary by state and often change regularly. Keep your eyes out for the latest offers before you go to negotiate a car lease deal with your local broker.

What Sort of Incentives Is My Dealer Offering In Pensylvania?

Let us examine what offers can be incorporated into your lease deal.

Low APR Financing:

A buyer’s credit score usually has to be quite high in order to qualify for special low-rate interest.  You will find out that not everyone will be eligible. It can range from 0-5 percent.  These promotional rates are often among the lowest available. The low-interest rates are sometimes tied to the length of the loan term, so pay attention to this detail.

Lease Specials:

Car manufacturers have sometimes been known to offer special lease programs through their very own financing companies. They are subsidized leases known as subvented leases. These subsidized leases are calculated on a residual value that’s much higher than the estimated value of the car at the end of the term. To put it simply, the manufacturers and dealers tweak the residual value to lower the monthly payment and because of this, they make their cars and trucks a more alluring lease option.

Cash-Back Offers:

Leasers are usually required to meet certain requirements in order to get that promised rebate. Be aware that certain rebates are only available to recent college graduates, members of the military or a first responder. What these new-car incentives are in reality, are cash discounts that reduce the price of the car.

Loyalty Bonus:

Many car manufacturers will insist that the vehicle has to be financed through their very own financing companies. Check the details carefully. To be eligible for a loyalty bonus, leasers need to prove that they have previously had a car or truck of the same make as the one they plan on leasing.

A “conquest” bonus, on the other hand, might request that leasers show that they have leased a rival’s vehicle. In fact, in some cases, the discount will only apply toward a car lease.

Find the Best Car Deals for You.

It is usually the case that low APR financing usually cannot be combined with customer cash, but you should check the small print. In most cases, customer cash will be a better deal because you are financing a smaller loan. You should browse car incentives and rebates by manufacturer, ZIP code, and vehicle.

When you have found out all the deals that are for the car you’re interested in, think of the incentive as a part of the deal and continue negotiations on the price of the lease.  It is prudent to compare rebates and incentives on all the different models you like to make certain you get the best deal on your next car lease.  Make sure your car lease dealer includes all taxes and fees so you are happy with the total monthly price before you sign the contract.


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