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There is reason to consider the new 2023 RAM 2500 Heavy Duty, and its name is Rebel. This new trim level carries most of what makes the present Power Wagon model so capable but packages it to receive the optional Cummins turbodiesel engine, which is not functional in the Power Wagon. In other news, RAM lineup boosts the 2500 Heavy Duty's towing characteristics. The truck can still tow up to 20,000 pounds of trailer when it is adequately equipped and can receive a 4,010-pound payload hanging on the configuration. However, recent trailer tow camera views are functional, along with power-telescoping trailering mirrors. A new Trailer Reverse Steering Control system is also functional, making it easier to steer a trailer while reversing.

How Does The 2500 Drive?

For such a huge truck, the Ram 2500 accelerates, holds and stops well. Full-throttle acceleration is incremental but totally sufficient. A simulated-panic stop from 60 mph took 140 feet

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