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Reasons The 2023 RAM 2500 Is Becoming Very Popular

There is reason to consider the new 2023 RAM 2500 Heavy Duty, and its name is Rebel. This new trim level carries most of what makes the present Power Wagon model so capable but packages it to receive the optional Cummins turbodiesel engine, which is not functional in the Power Wagon. In other news, RAM lineup boosts the 2500 Heavy Duty’s towing characteristics. The truck can still tow up to 20,000 pounds of trailer when it is adequately equipped and can receive a 4,010-pound payload hanging on the configuration. However, recent trailer tow camera views are functional, along with power-telescoping trailering mirrors. A new Trailer Reverse Steering Control system is also functional, making it easier to steer a trailer while reversing.

How Does The 2500 Drive?

For such a huge truck, the Ram 2500 accelerates, holds and stops well. Full-throttle acceleration is incremental but totally sufficient. A simulated-panic stop from 60 mph took 140 feet which is also an intermediate space for a heavy-duty truck. Around intersections, the steering feels suitably light, but the handling limits are insufficient. If you ignore the 2500’s size, it’s actually rather drivable in the city. For off-road use, the functional Power Wagon model has some serious off-road ability that most other heavy-duty trucks don’t deliver.

How Comfortable Is The 2500?

Both the front and back seats of the Ram 2500 are remarkably comfortable. The seats are nicely padded and well maintained, and they have lots of adjustments. Soft-touch exteriors are nice for hands and elbows. And the ride on the highway is as promising as you can expect in a 2500 which is to say bumpy but not bothering.

How’s The Interior?

From the essential, no-frills Tradesman to the top-trim Limited, the Ram 2500 has a lovely interior. The buttons and interior knobs are laid out in a rational and easy-to-use technique, and there’s enough room in every seating position for passengers. Getting in and out isn’t a problem thanks to the optional power-deployable flank steps and big spaces from all four doors.

How’s The Tech?

The Ram’s top-end 12.3-inch touchscreen is only competed by vastly more expensive opulence systems from rivals. The crisp, precise screen has an easy-to-learn organizational system. And we also like the less expensive 8.4-inch touchscreen. Both of them offer comfortable access to your attached smartphone and voice controls that function well.

How Are The Towing And Storage?

As you’d anticipate from a truck such as the Ram 2500, towing and hauling ability is huge. The functional rear air suspension’s exclusive kneeling process makes loading and trailer hookups effortless. The Ram 2500’s center console depository bin is massive, and the back half of the cab has large cargo capacity as well. If you’re carrying kids, the ultra-wide back seat can smoothly hold three child seats, and the seat anchors are convenient.

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