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BMW Versus Volkswagen: History & Car Comparison/Offerings

The two German cars are quite similar in many perspectives. Both of their engines and transmissions have proven to be very dependable.  In terms of electronics, they utilize the OE Supplier Bosch for all of the electronics, sensors, Body Control Units, ECUs, and computers.

The BMW car brands are a direct representative of luxury, elegance, and comfort in cars. It’s no wonder that its place in the industry has lasted for over 100 years. This standard is visible in all its brands, the same high-quality image, luxury, and elegance. Volkswagen has proven to be an intelligent make over the years. It is synonymous with the superb build quality, reliability, and first-class design. When it comes to offering variety, few manufacturers can hold a candle to Volkswagen cars. The range covers literally every area of the market, and you’ll find it hard to beat the brand’s quality, variety, and style.

However, both car brands tend to develop serious electric issues in a shorter time interval compared to other Asian car brands. This also affects the engine and body control sensors. Their suspension parts and ball joints also tend to give way sooner.

A Brief History Of The BMW And Volkswagen

The Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motors Works- BMW), founded in 1916 by Karl Rapp and Franz Josef Popp. It was initially known as the Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG before the name change in 1922. At the onset, the company was into the manufacture of aircraft engines till 1945. The German multinational company is headquartered in Munich, producing top quality automobiles and motorcycles. Their automobiles are marketed under the brands BMW and Rolls-Royce while the motorcycles are under the brand BMW Motorrad. The company has since expanded to manufacturing cars in over eight countries, with a record of 2,279,503 vehicles produced in 2015.

The vision of one of the founders, Karl Friedrich Rapp, is to build a solid, luxury vehicle that was unsurpassed in performance. The BMW has experienced a continuous upgrade in design changes, but the principles fundamental to the company’s reputation remained the same -superlative craftsmanship and high-quality materials.

Volkswagen is the all-time favorite German car. The “people’s car,” founded in the 1930s, was out of a necessity to make cars that will be affordable by most Germans. The founder Ferdinand Porsche at the request of Hitler started the journey of what is now known as VW. The VW is known to be driver-friendly, very reliable, and fuel-efficient. VW’s biggest market is in China, where it has grossed over 40% of its sales and profits.

Car Model Comparison

BMW Models

The BMW has a classic collection of models from the SAVs, to Coupe, Hatchbacks, Convertibles, Wagons, and Sedans. You can always choose from its myriad models of X series, M, Z, i, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 series.

  • BMW X3

The German compact crossover SUV- BMW X3 is a definition of luxury. Right from 2003, when it was first manufactured; the BMW Sports Activity Vehicle looks sharp and muscular. The first generation was designed by the association of BMW and Magna Steyr of Graz, Austria. The Austrian company is currently in charge of the manufacture of all X3s by the nature of the contract to BMW. However, the second generation was manufactured at BMW’s Spartanburg plant in South Carolina.

  • BMW X5

The BMW X5, already in its fourth generation, has witnessed continuous advancement in all dimensions, including in technology and engines. It offers an extravagant interior and delivers confidence in its very appearance. The BMW X5 is fully fitted with the latest BMW driving technology at your grasp, keeping you connected, entertained, and safe at the same time.

  • BMW X6

The X5 provides an energetic and forward-thrusting contour. It has a solid stance that reflects its X genes and a coupé-like roofline underpins. The X6 Beemer exudes an irrepressible dynamics and purposefulness.

  • BMW X7

Beemer X7 is designed with mind-blowing arrays of advanced technology, from the standard safety features to cutting-edge developments in onboard driver assistance systems. The interior is of much elegance that outweighs every definition of excellence. The BMW X7 spacious interior is made for your maximum comfort with a standard Heated Front Seats adding more comfort.

Volkswagen Models

Volkswagen has a wide variety of models and several brands. Some of these include the Jetta, Passat, Eos, Beetle, Golf, Arteon, Tiguan, Atlas, Fox, and electric cars and other brands.

  • Volkswagen Tiguan

VW Tiguan is the first attempt by the German automaker into the ever-growing compact SUV market. The Tiguan has so far recorded huge success. With the biggest market share been in Europe, over 100,000 models made their way to most European garages in 2008. As of 2011, more than 700,000 Tiguan had been sold worldwide since September 2007. The Volkswagen SUV comes with a four-cylinder engine and two-row seating. The Modular Transverse Matrix technology featured in the Volkswagen is a class.

  • Volkswagen Jetta

Having been around for years, the Volkswagen Jetta is a medium-sized sedan with over 17 million sales worldwide. The premium compact-car is designed to command attention, with the recent models providing a turbocharged gas four-cylinder engine. It offers an all-round value for every penny spent on it. Also, the mouth-watering warranty offered by the Jetta has made it stand out from most rivals.

  • Volkswagen Atlas

Manufacturers of the VW Atlas provide a warranty of 6 years or 72,000 miles, which is claimed to be a proof of confidence on the SUV. The American built compact SUV is more powerful and muscular designed, with all standard features like automatic emergency braking and a whole lot more. The engine is a Four-cylinder (V-6 power) front- all-wheel drive. Straight to the interior are a diamond quilted-design cloth seating surfaces and a multi-function steering wheel. The Volkswagen Atlas has a three-row SUV seats with a seating capacity of up to seven passengers and 96.8 cubic feet of cargo space when the second and third row is folded. The exterior is creased lines in front and on the sides to give it a dose of lean and mean.

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