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Car Dealerships In Philadelphia Burglarized For Automobiles & Money

The Philadelphia Police Service is looking for several suspects involved in burglaries in the last two weeks.

“On October 28 and November 4, P & W and A & M were robbed, perhaps by the same people, and we are working as they could be connected to,” said investigator Wade Akins.

Akins said the owners of both lots are very unhappy. He added that several items, including a car, were stolen during the first burglary.

“At P & W’s first visit, two masks for children and a vehicle tag were confiscated; a vehicle was confiscated from A & M. The vehicle was found and the two masks were in a trash bin next to the vehicle. They have affixed to the vehicle the label they have taken on the other batch of cars, “said Akins.

Akins said the objects had been found at Westside Park. A week later, Akins stated that the two lots were again affected, but no flights were reported.

“We have a video of P & W on both occasions and we are just trying to find out who they are. We know two black men the first time and a black and white man on the second occasion,” said Akins.

Akins said that if the police considered all the possibilities, he did not think that any of these incidents were linked to the recent series of car thefts in Neshoba County.

If you have information about breaking, contact the Philadelphia Police Department or your local Crime Stoppers.

It’s imperative that residents living around Car dealerships in Philadelphia stay vigilant and be very careful. Always alert the cops when you notice anything untoward, or spot any unusual or sinister activity, to help curb the rate these car dealerships are being robbed.

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