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The 2021 Chevrolet Review Series: The Colorado

The Chevrolet Colorado is one of the most popular compact pickup trucks on the market. Now with the new 2021 upgrades and features, the Chevy Colorado will gain even more traction and be more popular than ever to lease in Pennsylvania. The new 2021 Colorado truck can be leased in Pennsylvania at the lowest lease prices. With lease deals less than $390 per month the Colorado is very affordable and a great small truck! Here is a review of the top features of the 2021 Colorado.


The Chevy Colorado comes as an extended cab or crew cab, that can either sit 4 people or 5 people respectively, but both have easy access to the back seat. The cargo space in the bed of the truck is just over 6 feet for the extended cab version and just over 5 feet for the crew cab version. With a step built-in, you can get in and out of the truck bed very easily. 

The 2021 Colorado comes with a 7-inch touchscreen display, with all the features like SUV charging, satellite, navigation, and full integration.



You can choose from 3 different engines on the 2021 Colorado. 

  • 2.5 L 4 cylinder with 200 hp with 3.5k pounds of towing
  • 3.6 L V6 with 308 hp which has the best towing of the three, up to 7k pounds
  • 2.8 L Duramax turbo-diesel with 181 hp that has the best fuel efficiency of the three at an estimated 19 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway.

What really makes the new Colorado stand out are the off-road packages like the ZR2 trim, which comes with better hp, torque, towing, and all-terrain tires.


The Chevrolet Colorado has an above-average 4 star overall safety rating according to the NHTSA for both 2WD and 4WD models, and 5 stars on the side crash tests. To make reversing and towing easier it comes standard with a rear reverse camera and can be upgraded with rear park assist. You can count on the new 2021 Chevrolet models to always have the driver assist options available to you.

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