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2022 BMW X1 Vs. 2022 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque: Which Is The Best To Lease In 2022?

Your list of luxury subcompact crossovers that can do just about anything will never be complete without the peppy BMW X1 and the stylish Range Rover Evoque.

These crossovers are all unique and lovable. While one handles better than the other, you might still look towards the other direction if you are a staunch off-roader. This article critically compares these crossovers to help you make an informed choice while leasing a mid-size luxury crossover in 2022.

The Recap

There are no notable changes in the X1 lineup. The small SUV could see a total redesign soon, so it’s no surprise that the German automaker rolls out the X1 crossover for the 2022 model year with no changes.

On the other hand, the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque gets a couple of exciting updates for the new model year. Since its mild redesign in 2020, the Evoque has had more of interior upgrades. But for 2022, there are slight exterior revamps for newly added trims.

Land Rover introduces the all-new top-of-the-line HST R-dynamic trim, a sporty trim that brings back the previously discontinued 296-horsepower four-cylinder turbocharged engine dubbed P300. This new trim also comes standard with 20-inch wheels, red brake calipers, a blacked-out roof, and black exterior trim. Heated seats, wireless charging pad, keyless access, and power rear liftgate are now standard across the Evoque’s lineup.

Power And Transmission

The X1 is BMW’s second smallest SUV; therefore, it is best described as an entry point to the automaker’s lineup. Beneath the hood of every X1 is a very lively 2.0Liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that generates 228-hp and 258 lb-ft of torque, enough power to keep the little BMW running anytime, any day. This engine partners with an eight-speed automatic transmission to send power to the crossover’s front wheels. There’s also an optional all-wheel-drive model.

On the other side of the coin is the Range Rover Evoque that offers two engines, the standard P250 engine and a more powerful P300 for those who aren’t impressed by the crossover’s base engine.

The P250 engine powers all Evoque models except the range-topping HST R-dynamic model. The P250 is a 2.0Liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine paired to a nine-speed automatic transmission; it generates 246-hp and 269 lb-ft of torque. The more powerful P300 is a tuned version of the same turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and it now generates 296-hp and 295 lb-ft of torque and is assisted by a 48-volt hybrid-electric system. It still pairs with the nine-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive is standard across the Evoque’s lineup.

Handling And Performance

While the Range Rover Evoque is a king when it comes to trail-tackling capabilities and luxury amenities, it falls far behind the BMW X1 and many SUVs in its class when it comes to handling and Steering feedback. The Evoque is notorious for its firm ride and unsatisfactory steering response. Land Rover needs to improve on these downsides to enable the Evoque to compete against the likes of Volvo’s XC40, Mercedes Benz GLA, and of course, the BMW X1 effectively.

The BMW X1, on the other hand, offers a more refined ride than the Evoque. It boasts a nimble chassis and sublime handling. It has also proven to be more fun to drive, especially on sharp corners. However, there’s this attribute that sets the Evoque apart. While virtually all the crossovers in this segment look and feel more like full-blown hatchbacks, the Evoque maintains all the traditional traits of an SUV, like impressive off-road road ability and a raised driving position.

In terms of performance, The BMW X1 accelerates from 0-60mph in 6.3seconds, While the P250 model of the Evoque does the same in 7.1seconds. The HST R-dynamic model with the P300 engine still couldn’t beat the X1 at 6.6seconds. For a more refined ride and performance, you might want to lease the 2022 BMW X1.

Fuel Economy

Here, BMW X1 maintains the lead with its less powerful four-cylinder engine. The front-wheel-drive sDrive28i model gets an EPA rating of 24-mpg in the city and 33-mpg on the highway, while the all-wheel-drive xDrive28i models get a slightly lesser rating of 23-mpg in the city and 31-mpg on the highway.

For the Land Rover , all P250-powered Evoque gets an EPA rating of  20-mpg in the city and 27-mpg on the highway. The P300-powered HST R-dynamic model gets an EPA rating of 21-mpg/26-mpg in the city and highway, respectively.


Just as you’d expect, the elegant luxury interior of the Range Rover Evoque outperforms that of the X1 by far. Even though the X1 stills rates better in terms of practicality and space, the plush interior of the Evoque is hard to overlook.

The X1 interior features an intuitive 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with in-dash navigation and Apple Carplay. To our greatest disappointment, Android Auto is not offered. The crossover’s cabin is more capacious than the Evoque, and it feels comfortable as it is garnished with quality materials. But, if you look well, you will still find unappealing traces of cheap plastic materials scattered all over the X1’s interior.

The Evoque does well to maintain luxury and comfort. Take away the tight rear passenger space, then the interior of the Evoque will certainly wow you. There’s standard ambient lighting, 10-way adjustable front seats, a 10.0-inch touchscreen display with Apple Carplay and Android Auto integration, high-quality leather seats, optional heated and ventilated seats, and lots more.

It’s up to you to decide which subcompact crossover has the most handsome exterior, as it’s very difficult to choose. But left for us, the Evoque’s unique styling is just sensational.

For superior off-road capabilities, and a quality, elegant and luxurious interior, leasing the 2022 Range Rover Evoque is your top choice.

The BMW X1 and Range Rover Evoque are two great choices for buyers looking for luxury in a mid-size crossover. However, having seen their differences, highs, and lows, it all depends on your style, and of course, your budget, as the Evoque cost more.

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