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Which Sedan Should You Buy: Hyundai Elantra vs. Hyundai Sonata?

The interesting thing about these Hyundai lineups is that they are fun, spacious, and efficient. They all have midsize and long standing compact four doors with stylish designs and excellent quality.

Even their pricing is relatively affordable. However, one of them seems to have a better value. Read through to find out which is worth your money.

Fuel Economy

The Hyundai Elantra is more efficient than the Sonata, but they both have a reliable fuel economy. Elantra models with the standard 2.0-liter I-4 engine achieve between 31/41 and 33/43 mpg city/highway depending on the trim.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Sonata has an engine of 2.5-liter I-4 rated at 27/37 or 28/38 mpg depending on the configuration. Both vehicles are available with a 1.6-liter turbo-four, with almost the same mileage (28/36 mpg in the Elantra and 27/37 mpg in the Sonata). Notwithstanding, Elantra’s engine is more powerful.

Hyundai’s hybrid sedans have a larger gallon of gas. The efficiency-focused Blue trims of the Elantra Hybrid and Sonata Hybrid (trim levels) are EPA-rated at 53/56 and 50/54 mpg, respectively. Hybrid trims besides Blue cover 45/51 mpg in the Sonata and 49/52 mpg in the Elantra.

Starting Price

The Elantra is less expensive than the Sonata. The MSRP starts at just under $21,000 for the Elantra but over $25,000 for the Sonata. The range-topping Elantra Limited goes for about $26,500 (that’s a bit lesser than the Sonata SEL). The Sonata Limited costs over $35,000.

The Elantra Hybrid and Sonata Hybrid cost about $25,000 and $29,000, respectively, in basic Blue trim; while the Limited trims go for about $30,000 and $36,500.

Compact Size

If you live in an area with tight parking spaces, you’ll agree that every foot you lift off the accelerator matters a lot. The Hyundai Elantra is a better choice in such areas. It measures 184.1 inches end-to-end, while the Sonata is 192.9 inches long.

The Elantra’s wheelbase is 107.1 inches and 111.8 inches on the Sonata. Width is close, but the Elantra is narrower, spanning 71.9 inches against the Sonata’s 73.2 inches.

Cargo Space

When it comes to the interior space, the Sonata is larger than the Elantra. Its front-row headroom measures 40.0 inches but 40.6 inches in the Elantra. The sunroof-equipped Elantra models have 38.7 inches. Second-row headroom is 38.7 inches in the Sonata, a bit more than the 37.3 inches in the Elantra.

The Sonata offers over 46.1 inches to stretch out compared to the Elantra has 42.3 inches. In the back seat, the Sonata provides 34.8 inches of legroom, which is way smaller than the Elantra’s 38.0 inches (quite a large amount for a compact sedan).


Notwithstanding whether you settle for the Hyundai Elantra or Hyundai Sonata, rest assured you’re in for so much fun. Each has its advantage over the other, but the Elantra seems to be quite a great ride.

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