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A Closer Look At The 2023 Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is one of the oldest running SUVs on the road. It debuted further than 30 years ago and kick-started an American love affair with sport-mileage vehicles that persist to this day. Enthusiasts have praised the current-generation Explorer for its potent machines, generous weight space, and standard security features. Leasing the 2023 Ford Explorer will ensure you have the best SUV of the year as it has exceptionally good balance and poise for a midsize three-row SUV.

Engine & Performance

You can get the potent 3.0-liter binary-turbo V6 for max towing and acceleration, or you could resolve for the Hybrid to save on energy costs. Thankfully, the base four-cylinder-turbo is an entertaining machine, as well it’s tough to go awry here. Its hinder-drive-grounded platform could be a big plus for those prioritizing dynamics and capability, but don’t anticipate the Explorer to be a running champ, because it isn’t. It can just be a bit sharper than the utmost. On the strike, the Explorer is one of the priciest options in this class of vehicles. The Explorer is the three-row SUV to get if your precedence includes balanced running and strong acceleration. Unlike a lot of other SUVs in this class, it feels eager and light as you drive about turns. The latest Explorer can manage lots of power, and Ford takes full advantage.


The Explorer comes routine with an 8-inch touchscreen, the Sync infotainment system, and reinforcement for Apple carPlay and android auto smartphone compatibility. The Explorer is handily equipped with driving security aids. All Explorers come standard with automated exigency braking, lane-keeping backing, cross-traffic, and eyeless-spot warning cautions, and automatic high shafts, and fresh features are either voluntary or standard depending on the trim.

Energy Economy

The turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder machine has slightly better EPA energy frugality estimates than its closest competition. The hinder-wheel-drive interpretation gets 24 mpg combined, and the all-wheel-drive model gets 23 mpg fused. Depending on what you equate it to, that is generally 1 or 2 mpg better.

The Innards

Things look right from the motorist’s perspective. Front seat space is ample, and the driving position is nicely malleable. It’s typically simple to see out thanks to acceptable glass area and good-size mirrors.


The Explorer’s weight hold is generous. With the third-row seats over, it’s a bit tighter than in some other SUVs, but you can still fit three or four rolling suitcases back there. There is a good quantum of small-item storage up front for your odds and ends, and child seats are easy to install in the mid row. The Explorer’s hinder-wheel-drive armature makes it specifically well suited to tow.

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