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2023 Honda Pilot Vs. 2023 Subaru Ascent: Which Is Comfortable For Family Trips

The Subaru Ascent and the Honda Pilot are both three-row, 8-passenger midsize SUVs, but the Ascent has standard all-wheel drive while the Pilot does not. This gives the Ascent an advantage in terms of practicality. The 2023 Pilot retaliates by having superior ratings in terms of both resale value and reliability. The exterior design of the Ascent is just a tad bit more elegant than that of the Pilot.

The cabin of the Pilot is more well-organized, but the Ascent comes standard with smartphone integration software compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. When compared to the touchscreen found in the Honda, the one found in the Subaru is both larger and more crisp. Although the Ascent has somewhat more space for cargo and a significantly greater number of cupholders, the Pilot earns more points for its innovative internal storage options. Continue reading to acquire further knowledge and select an option.


As compared to the Subaru Ascent, the Honda Pilot’s back seat provides a somewhat larger amount of space for passengers. Because it features more front headroom and legroom than the Honda Pilot, the Subaru Ascent is going to be quite popular among tall drivers and the front seat passengers they bring along with them.


When determining the total cost of purchasing a vehicle, there are a lot of different considerations to take into account. The Manufacturer’s Recommended Retail Price is the primary factor to take into account (MSRP). The Honda Pilot comes in at a price that’s a little bit more than the Subaru Ascent.


Because the Honda Pilot is so much broader than the Subaru Ascent, it might be a little bit more difficult to find a parking spot in a lot that is sufficiently wide for it. When considering the entire length of the vehicle, the amount of space required by the Honda Pilot in your garage is approximately the same as that required by the Subaru Ascent. Both the Subaru Ascent and the Honda Pilot have the same turning radius, which means that they both have the same level of maneuverability in confined spaces.


When it comes to hauling hefty loads, the 2023 Subaru Ascent is unquestionably the superior option than the Honda Pilot in terms of its towing capabilities. As compared to the Subaru Ascent, the Honda Pilot offers slightly higher total system horsepower. Because of its engine’s lesser torque output, the Honda Pilot is not as effective as the Subaru Ascent when it comes to transferring power to the vehicle’s wheels.

There are many things to appreciate in each of these automobiles, but the 2023 Honda Pilot is particularly noteworthy. We want you to understand that we are not suggesting that you pick the less desirable of the two SUVs.

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