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2023 GMC Canyon Denali Vs 2023 GMC Canyon Elevation: Which Trim Lease Is Right For Philadelphia?

In the bustling streets of Philadelphia, a lease decision awaits – the 2023 GMC Canyon Denali vs. the 2023 GMC Canyon Elevation. Both pickups offer their unique blend of performance and style. Our comparison delves into the distinctions in features, capabilities, and comfort, helping Philadelphia residents make the right choice to complement their urban and suburban lifestyles. Let’s get started and see what the 2023 GMC Canyon lease features have to offer.

Engine And Transmission

The 2023 GMC Canyon Denali and Canyon Elevation share identical engine and performance specifications. Both are powered by a best-in-class standard gas engine, the 2.7L Turbo high-output engine, delivering 310 horsepower and best-in-class standard gas engine torque of 430 lb-ft. They also boast a best-in-class max available towing capacity of 7,700 lbs, making them formidable choices for those seeking powerful and capable pickups. The engine and performance characteristics remain the same between these two trims.

Fuel Economy

The 2023 GMC Canyon Denali offers an EPA-rated 17/21 MPG city/highway, with a combined rating of 19 MPG, providing a range of 363.8 miles in the city and 449.4 miles on the highway. On the other hand, the Canyon Elevation is slightly more fuel-efficient, with ratings of 18/23 MPG city/highway and 20 MPG combined, resulting in a range of 385.2 miles in the city and 492.2 miles on the highway. The Canyon Elevation provides a modest advantage in fuel efficiency, potentially reducing the frequency of refueling.

Interior Features

The 2023 GMC Canyon Elevation and Canyon Denali share several interior features, including options for all-weather floor mats and all-weather floor liners with the GMC logo. However, the Elevation trim offers an accessory switch kit at an additional cost and comes standard with 3 years of OnStar, while the Denali trim does not include the accessory switch kit and also includes 3 years of OnStar as standard.

Infotainment System

Both the 2023 GMC Canyon Elevation and Canyon Denali come with an 11.3″ infotainment display, wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, USB connections, and standard satellite radio with 3 months of service. However, the Denali trim sets itself apart with a Bose premium brand audio system, offering a total of 7 speakers for a more immersive listening experience compared to the Elevation’s 6 speakers.

In conclusion, the 2023 GMC Canyon Elevation and Denali offer unique choices for pickup enthusiasts. While the Elevation provides practicality with an impressive infotainment system, the Denali elevates your audio experience with its premium Bose speakers.

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