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Genesis Top Sedans: Genesis G70 vs. Genesis G80

It’s not enough to admire the Genesis lineup. You’ve got to keep up with the latest models and decide which is most suitable for your budget and comfort. For ease, we’ll compare the Genesis G80 and G70 to help you make an informed decision on which to settle for.


The Genesis G70 sedan comes with sophistication and excellent performance. All the trims available in this model are beautifully designed to suit your taste. The G70 proves there is no such thing as a ‘second-hand’ when it comes to luxury. After 2 years since its inception, it has gotten a lot of upgrades on its already elegant design. It is available in three trim levels for discerning drivers who like a bit of variety – G70 2.0 T, G70 2.0 T Sport, and G70 3.3 T.

The midsize Genesis G80 is another world of luxury and comfort. It is more sophisticated than the G70. There are three stellar trim levels of this exquisite sedan – G80 3.8L, G80 3.3T Sport, and G80 5.0L Ultimate.

Styling Comparison

If both Genesis sedan models were to be judged by appearance, they’ll make a perfect pass. There’s no winner in the lineup when it comes to styling. It all depends on your preference. The Genesis G70 is a fastback-inspired machine with plenty of poise for any red-carpet affair (if you ever feel like stopping). It has a broad lateral nose and a definitive downward rake.

The Genesis G80 is instantly recognizable as a proper saloon vehicle that sits back on its haunches, suggesting composure, class, and comfort. As you might expect, you’ll find more cabin room to treat your passengers in the Genesis G80, while the dynamic G70 is a treat that might just be built for you alone. Both come with exquisite leather finishings, premium wheels, and luxurious colors.

Price Comparison

Pricing varies depending on which Genesis you prefer. Notwithstanding, you’ll definitely create some incredible memories no matter which ride you choose as a favorite.

The Genesis G70 has a lower MSRP than the Genesis G80. However, there is much overlap in pricing between these two vehicles based on configuration. But, before you make payment for any of these rides, you’ll need to decide on what level of comfort you expect to get from every ride.

Meanwhile, expect approximately $20,000 difference between the Genesis G70 vs. G80 in terms of fully-loaded examples.


Which one seems perfect for you? Which is your winner between the Genesis G70 vs. G80? If you’re yet to decide, our team at VIP Auto will be of great help.

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