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BMW 5 Series vs. BMW 7 Series: Which Sedan is Best for You?

All sedans in the BMW lineup have amazing optional and standard features. Plus, both the 5 Series and 7 series are classy and luxurious sedans built to give you the feeling and comfort you desire. Want to know which is the best choice for you? Keep reading!

Size & Design

The BMW 5 Series (like the BMW 540I xDrive) is a comfortable yet sporty midsize sedan. With its classic BMW kidney grille, dashing chrome side blade, and LED exterior lighting, it can pass as both a powerful sports car and a luxurious family-size sedan.

On the other hand, the BMW 7 Series has a more broad-shouldered appearance. It is more luxurious than the 5 Series but less sporty than the latter. BMW 7 Series has extra space for long drives following from the executive comfort its back seats offer. You also get more space in the trunk of the 7 Series for suitcases and other stuff for your travels.


The BMW 5 Series provides high-quality, sporty, and durable materials that feel premium to the touch, like SensaTec leatherette upholstery and Fineline real wood trim. However, with standard Dakota leather spread across the cabin, the LED ambient lighting and aluminium controls, the BMW 7 Series (like the BMW 750I xDrive) offers a more premium interior feel.

Upgrading your BMW 5 Series is possible, but you can only get standard luxury upgrade packages in the BMW 7 Series. Some of these luxurious upgrade packages you won’t find on the BMW 5 Series include ultra-push rear floor mats, a panoramic sunroof, and massaging rear seats.

Performance & Drive

The BMW 5 Series is built to provide a balance of everyday comfort and exciting performance. From the quick acceleration and responsiveness of the twin-scroll turbocharged engine and 8-speed automatic transmission with Launch Control to the sophisticated suspension and sport-tuned chassis, the 5 Series provides unmatched athleticism.

By contrast, the BMW 7 Series is quicker at the start of the lineup with a standard six-cylinder engine. However, its chassis and suspension are tuned for comfort and isolation on just about any road.

The two-axle air suspension floats over road imperfections and minimizes harshness and road noise. Despite its size and weight, you’ll have the power and agility you need for merging with traffic and surging ahead of it.


The technology behind the wheel of either sedan is the latest and greatest from BMW. Standard iDrive multimedia and BMW Live Cockpit Professional on both the BMW 5 Series and 7 Series feature an all-digital cockpit and an easy-to-use touchscreen. Interestingly, you can add inputs intuitively with your eyes on the road using the iDrive console controller.

You also get gesture control standard on the 7 Series and optional on the 5 Series, so you can control the climate and stereo with a flick of your wrist of a wave of your hand. There is room to get driver assistance feedback and navigation information in the video dashboard where it’s most convenient.



Both these BMW sedans provide cutting-edge technology to make every drive fun and easy. Which is your most preferred? Contact us at VIP Auto for a more detailed inventory.

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